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M2020: latest update

(21 July 2017)

Our Staff Learning and Development team has established two courses to support managers who are managing change, or will be delivering change, as well as for staff who are experiencing change, or may go through change.

Leading Change:  is intended for managers of teams who will be leading their teams through a change. The intention is to help managers understand what is happening from an emotional and psychological point of view at an individual level as people react to change.

Change Resilience: this is an event for staff affected by change. The aim is to help staff understand their own reaction to change and to understand how they might prepare themselves to be as change-resilient as possible, both inside and outside of a work setting.

These courses are led by Neal Chamberlain who is our Lead Staff Learning and Development Partner. For further information on these courses, or to discuss training opportunities for you or your teams please contact


On Wednesday, 12 July the University and the three recognised Trade Unions met for the ninth time. The meeting was constructive and professional throughout.  The University confirmed that the total proposed reduction in headcount in all affected areas is now 155, following a reduction in the number of roles proposed in FBMH from 65 to 60 due to staff resignations and planned retirements. The University also confirmed that it would continue to seek to reduce this number further in affected areas e.g. through redeployment, retirement etc.  

During the meeting a further discussion took place regarding the criteria the University is proposing to use to make selections for compulsory redundancy in affected areas, and these were due to be discussed further at the next consultation meeting on Wednesday 19 July.  An update from this meeting will appear in next week’s eNews.

Please be assured that University will seek to avoid the need for compulsory redundancy if at all possible and that implementation would be subject to further Board approval.

Failure to agree

Earlier in the month, the UCU issued a ‘failure to agree notice’ to the University, however consultation with the Trade Unions (including the UCU) has continued as scheduled as the University does not believe it is in the interest of those staff affected by the proposals to suspend the current consultation process.  The UCU has now formally registered a trade dispute with the University which means that at some point in the future the UCU may choose to ballot its members on industrial action.    

It is important to stress that the consultation process with the Trade Unions is still ongoing and all three Trade Unions continue to attend meetings.  As part of this consultation process all parties are involved in in-depth discussion across a range of issues.  

 Vacancy management

In order to fulfil obligations under the provisions of the Security of Employment and Redeployment policies, all vacancies requested through the Post Contract Management (PCM) approval process are currently receiving additional scrutiny. Guidance is available which clarifies the process for dealing with non-academic PCM approval requests.

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