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For action: please make use of the Faculty cover sheet in your meetings

(21 November 2017)

Last year an audit of Committee Governance in the Faculty of Humanities was carried out to help ensure that staff receive relevant and timely updates on issues relevant to them. 

The results of this audit were approved by Humanities Policy and Resources Committee (HPRC) and the Professional Support Services (PSS) Leadership team, and one of the actions was that all papers submitted to Faculty and School committees/meetings should include a cover sheet to clearly identify the purpose of the paper and what outcome is expected from the meeting. Following research by the Internal Communications team this coversheet was chosen as the most effective and comprehensive version in use, and was shared with staff in the summer. 

As a reminder, please could you use the coversheet in your meetings.  It can be adapted for use in any meetings which you think would be appropriate, if you currently do not have a suitable template. This will help to ensure those at the meeting clearly understand what is expected of them, (e.g. approval, feedback, a decision), and how the work into which they are inputting will be taken forward.   

Please continue to use this cover sheet when submitting agenda items for the Dean’s Advisory Group (DAG), HPRC or Senior Management Team (SMT) meetings.