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‘Manchester guidelines’ mentioned in Lord Willetts’ new book

(26 January 2018)

In his new book ‘A University Education’ the former Universities and Science Minister Lord (David) Willetts mentions that introducing the ‘Manchester Guidelines’ was one of his highlights at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

What Lord Willetts informally refers to as the ‘Manchester Guidelines’ is a set of guidance for the review of public sector research establishments (PSREs) belonging to Government ministries, such as the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. This guidance forms part of the broader process that departments are required to follow in reviewing their associated non-departmental public bodies to determine whether the functions they perform are still needed and, if so, which is the most appropriate form in which those functions can be delivered.

The guidelines were based on a set of principles developed by a team from the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) led by Dr Kieron Flanagan. They are intended to take into account the special, sometimes unique, wider roles and functions PSREs can play.

The team built on almost two decades of research on public sector research establishments by MIoIR researchers including Deborah Cox, Kate Barker, Professors Phil Gummett, Luke Georghiou and Maria Nedeva, Dr Andrew James and others.


MIoIR image