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Get involved - Humanities leads University #UoMwomen social media campaign

(1 February 2018)

During February and March 2018 the University will be running a social media campaign to showcase the work of our colleagues, and content relating to women and inequalities. 

The ‘#UoMwomen’ campaign will run during the weeks between the centenary of some women over 30 being able to vote on the 6 February (#vote100) and International Women's Day on 8 March (#IWD18). Please get involved and share any content celebrating women, feminism or demonstrating women against inequalities on social media, including the specially created #UoMwomen. 

The campaign is taking place to particularly promote Humanities research related to a number of external national and international news hooks. Therefore any content you share could also include relevant hashtags for those hooks such as:

  • #Vote100                           6 Feb                  Centenary of the vote and the Representation of the Peoples Act. Useful for any suffragette/Pankhurst related content.
  • #AllWomenCount               1 March                International Women of Colour Day
  • #IWD18                             8 March               International Women’s Day
  • #pressforprogress               8 March               International Womens Day
  • #WonderWomen                All March              Feminist Festival in Manchester


Please feel free to share content featuring both women and men including:

  • tweets and links to research about women’s empowerment in some way;
  • blogs (old or new) which relate to women’s empowerment;
  • short videos or photos you may be able to take of yourself on your phone – you could share some thoughts on the suffragettes, your research and how it relates to feminism etc. Quick videos between 10 and 90 seconds are ideal. They don’t need to look incredibly polished – relaxed videos taken by you work well;
  • you could write thoughts about suffrage, Ellen Wilkinson or the link between the Pankhursts and The University of Manchester on this poster, and post a picture of you holding it to your social media accounts.

You can find out further information on this campaign on this google doc. Please email if you have any access issues. 

You do not need to inform anyone of your planned videos or activity - please just get involved, create something and post it on social media using #UoMwomen during February and March.