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British Election Study research shows 2017 ‘youthquake’ to be a myth

(1 February 2018)

This week the BBC ran a story on the myth of the 2017 ‘youthquake’ election written by academics, including Humanities colleagues, from the British Election Study (BES).

The story dismissed the idea that a surge in youth turnout was the reason for Labour’s unexpectedly strong performance in the 2017 election, showing there was very little change in the turnout by age group between the 2015 and 2017 elections.

  • You can read the full story, and take a closer look at the Study’s most recent findings, on the BES website.

The British Election Study is managed by a consortium of The University of Manchester, The University of Oxford and The University of Nottingham.  You can find out more about the team, including our Humanities colleagues, on the BES website.