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Time is running out to join KiddiVouchers

(23 February 2018)

Following the roll-out of the Government's Tax-Free Childcare in 2017, Childcare Voucher Schemes are only allowed to remain open to new entrants until April 2018. Beyond April 2018, members of Childcare Voucher schemes can continue to enjoy savings as long as their employer continues to offer the service, while new parents will only be offered Tax-Free Childcare.  The University’s KiddiVouchers scheme will continue to run for existing members after April 2018.

It’s very important that you keep your options open by considering signing up for Childcare Vouchers before April as the Government’s new scheme won't be favourable for everyone. Some families will win under the new scheme while others will lose. A lot depends on how much you earn, how much tax you pay, and how much you pay for childcare. KiddiVouchers research has indicated that 60% of parents will save more money with Childcare Vouchers.

If you're using the free 30 hours childcare scheme for a nursery place, you can still benefit from childcare vouchers for any additional childcare costs.  HM Revenue and Customs has confirmed this is correct and is in the process of removing conflicting information from the Childcare Choices website.