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June 2013 showcase

June 2013 showcase

The Faculty of Humanities held its latest Teaching and Learning Showcase event on Tuesday 25 June 2013 from 1 - 4.45pm. The event was held in the Humanities Bridgeford Street Building.

There were 10 sessions available for participants to attend, each lasting 30 minutes and structured around a presentation followed by time for questions and answers.

This year, for the first time, the Humanities eLearning Team followed the Showcase with a week long Summer School (CHANGE LINK WHEN NEW SECTION IS CREATED), between 1-5 July.


Read about presentations from the June Showcase below, or find out about the stalls in the Hanson room.

Annie Morton (SALC)

Many disciplines face the challenge of 'encouraging' students to work independently outside the classroom, particularly when a large cohort means that independent production simply cannot be monitored or evaluated on a systematic or regular basis.

This presentation will demonstrate how we have harnessed Blackboard’s test function to engage our students in the nitty-gritty of language learning both systematically and regularly. Our media-rich weekly on-line work (baptised WOW) provides our students not only with opportunities to test concrete grammar or phonetic knowledge, but also to practice aural comprehension and translation skills in a meaningful way. Provision of feedback is a vital element of such independent on-line work, and we will demonstrate the multi-media multi-pronged feedback approach we have adopted in order to create maximum added value for students attempting self-tests of this type. This incorporates the innovative use of tablet/pen and screen capture software to mark sample student work, a method which has proved highly popular with students.

Innovation has not been without its challenges, however, and I will be happy to share tips, knowledge and experiences both during and after the presentation.

Jamie Burton (MBS)

Rapid growth in size and diversity of two key research-led MSc programmes, and a search for ways to improve: feedback to students, students’ transferable skills and the overall student experience, led to identification of a need to develop innovative ways to support students early in the dissertation process. Previously students made Powerpoint presentations of research proposals to two examiners. Students are now examined by presenting posters of their proposals at a large poster day event.

Rebecca O'Loughlin and Sian Yeowell (Careers and Employability)

This session will discuss the development and implementation of an online multiple choice test for assessing the undergraduate lecture-based academic unit of the Manchester Leadership Programme. The test was piloted in semester one of 2012-13, and ran for the second time in semester two. The session will explore the opportunities and challenges encountered in the process of designing and delivering the test, and it will highlight the learning points gleaned from the experience of delivering the pilot and from students' feedback on it. Ideally, there will be an opportunity to discuss plans for the future development of the test, and to solicit feedback from the audience about their own experiences of running MCQ tests if applicable, and of diversifying assessment / using innovative forms of assessment more generally.

John Pal (MBS)

I will describe how I designed and developed a new course for all first year undergraduates on the Management degree. This 2nd semester course was built on student participation and collaboration in two full day Workshops; and, required students to draw on their 1st semester knowledge and skills.

Rebecca Bennett (Law)

  • Developing online non-award bearing CPD courses

Two years ago I developed and launched a number of online CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses in healthcare ethics and law. These courses are primarily targetted at healthcare professionals and are non-award bearing. They are delivered through the University Blackboard VLE and cost between £95 and £600. This presentation will give an overview of how these courses were developed and delivered (including some of the pitfalls to avoid) in order to share this with others who may be interested in providing similar online courses to the public.

Jennifer O'Brien (SED)

Most disciplines have recently overhauled their curricula in effort to increase the number of students reaching positive destinations after graduation. For some, this has involved efforts to improve awareness about the transferrable skills that students will gain through modules. For others, this has been the ‘value added’ of work experience, placements or internships. Yet, despite all of our efforts, some students regularly state that they are unsure about their future after graduation, and have no skills beyond a degree in Geography, History and so forth. This presentation shares a really simple exercise that was trialled to make students more aware of the skills that they are learning through the curriculum. The students realised just how skilled they were, considered how to market those skills to potential employers, how to fill CV gaps, and so on. The exercise was hugely empowering, but did nothing more than encourage the students to engage with current employability initiatives. In turn, this questioned whether employability efforts are almost so embedded throughout the curriculum, that students just don’t see them.

Andrew Balmer (SoSS)

  • Good Practice in Employability and Skills Provision

Recently the Department of Sociology was used an example of good practice in the provision of activities around employability and skills development. In this presentation I'll reflect on where Sociology stands in its current work on employability and on the work we're currently developing in this area. In particular, I will focus on the development of 'Careers and Skills' software that we expect to trial with our students this coming year.

Simon Parry (SALC)

  • Cultural Placements

The Institute for Cultural Practices coordinates work placements for postgraduate students at cultural organisations across the Northwest. Students work in a variety of roles at over 40 different partners including museums, galleries, theatres, archives and music organisations. They are involved in a wide range of projects including exhibitions, digital media, education workshops, marketing or development campaigns, concerts and other events. Alongside their placements, students attend supervision tutorials and lecture/workshops on reflective practice. The presentation will explain how the assessed module is managed and discuss key issues in learning and teaching.

Emma Packham (Development and Alumni Relations)

Students can really benefit from hearing alumni talk about their experiences and career progression, but have you thought about using alumni in teaching and learning? The alumni community provide a great way of linking current students to professionals, and they are eager to help. Alumni professionals can support students with developing their studies and applying academic knowledge to industry and wider society. In this session you’ll hear about ways alumni can support your students, how you can contact alumni, and case studies including alumni working in museums mentoring Religion & Theology student group projects, and alumni HR professionals as survey participants for Linguistic student's essays.

Anna Verges-Bausili (eLearning Team)

Online submission is now widely used across the Faculty of Humanities, but what do students think of it? A relatively small number of studies in the UK have formally reported on the effects of the introduction of Turnitin/Grademark for online coursework submission and marking. This session will present survey data collected across Humanities for the period 2011-2013, including feedback from the recent Humanities Student Consultation exercise on students' views of Learning Technologies, and against published evaluation data from other institutions in the UK.

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