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Dr Julian Edge

Independent Consultant


Julian’s professional background is in language teacher education, a field in which he continues to consult internationally. His experience of, and research into teacher education led him to explore the importance of peer-collaboration. Combining this with a recognition of the role of the personal in the professional, he went on to design an approach to on-going personal/professional development on which he has published widely (eg Continuing Cooperative Development, 2002).


A related philosophical stance informs his research and supervision of doctoral research, where he also emphasizes the ‘whole-person’ nature of the enterprise. That is to say, the researcher is not simply a bundle of researching skills, but a whole-person-who-researches and to lose touch with that connection is to impoverish (and perhaps undermine) the whole research enterprise. Similarly, in fields with which he is familiar, he finds that any discussion of ‘impact’ that excludes the impact of research on the researcher is lacking in straightforwardly intellectual and fully human terms. He explores such issues of reflective practice and reflexivity in The Reflexive Teacher Educator (2011).

Current work

Since retiring from full-time employment, Julian has trained as a counsellor and now also works in the voluntary sector, trying to help people respond to the problems, and take the opportunities, that occur in life in general. In all his work — professional, academic, personal and the various mixtures thereof — he finds that an awareness of the effective use of language in personal reflection and interpersonal communication is central to continuing development and well-being.

Dr Julian Edge