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Building a training plan

Thesis as product & process

An effective training & development plan will enable researchers to achieve two things:

  1. to develop the appropriate knowledge and expertise to complete the thesis as a product of their research
  2. to develop as a research professional with the necessary skills, attitudes and experience to succeed as a researcher within the field of Higher Education, and beyond

The Humanities at Manchester offers three different types of training and development opportunities. A programme incorporating all three types of training will enable researchers to gain a firm grounding within the University research culture:


Discipline-specific training will often be undertaken individually or amongst a very small group of researchers who often share similar research interests or supervisors. This kind of training is specialist and is crucial to the development of the thesis as a product.


Methodological/theoretical training is offered via the methods@manchester and artsmethods@manchester programmes to unite researchers in an interdisciplinary environment to discuss a particular methodological or theoretical approach to research.

Process-orientated training

Process-orientated training is offered via the Researcher Development Programme. Researchers are united in an interdisciplinary environment to discuss the process of undertaking a research degree such as planning your research, writing a literature review, presenting at academic conferences and publishing in journals. This programme focuses on helping the researcher develop as a professional within Higher Education.

man writing

A training plan should be personalised to suit you and your objectives