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Academic writing


It is very important that the arguments in your thesis are presented in a clear, precise, balanced and unemotional way. It is also important that your writing is grammatically correct. In order to achieve these aims you must develop your academic writing skills. To assist you, Peter Doyle of The University of Manchester Language Centre, has created some learning materials which are specifically aimed at Postgraduate Researchers in the Faculty of Humanities.

Academic writing units

The 'Academic writing units' section consists of eleven units designed to improve your academic style. You are advised to work your way through the materials; you can also download the tutorial materials for each unit in Word or pdf format.

The units are listed below:

  • Unit 1: Sentence structure and punctuation
  • Unit 2: Word choice and grammar
  • Unit 3: Conventions and characteristics
  • Unit 4: Improving readability
  • Unit 5: Writing paragraphs part 1
  • Unit 6: Writing paragraphs part 2
  • Unit 7: Critical reading
  • Unit 8: Summarising, paraphrasing and referencing
  • Unit 9: Phraseological and rhetorical awareness
  • Unit 10: Advice on the process of writing
  • Unit 11: Further references

Every effort has been made to ensure that these materials are factually correct, but some errors may have slipped through the proof reading process. If you do spot any errors please let us know by e-mailing and we will correct them. Thank you. 

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