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Unit 5: Writing paragraphs - Part 1

Units 5 and 6 deal with aspects of structure at paragraph and text level, and explain how these help the readability of a text. They consider ways in which the writer may achieve a sense of logical flow through the text. This enables the audience to read the text more easily.

Paragraphs are used to separate ideas. Paragraphs are signals to the reader; they are a way that the writer breaks up a text into manageable chunks for the reader. Academic text usually contains complex ideas, theories, discussion etc. In order that such text is comprehensible to its audience it needs to be well-structured; paragraphs help create clarity.

A good writer will help the reader by making use of:

  • headings, sub-headings and numbering
  • paragraph breaks
  • coherent paragraphs
  • cohesive paragraphs

This unit is divided into the following sections:

This unit is also available in printable format. To access please select one of the links below.