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Headings and sub-headings

In longer academic texts, such as a dissertation or a thesis, logical order and coherence is helped by dividing the text into sections using numbered subheadings. However, please be aware that layout conventions vary between disciplines. It is advisable to speak to your supervisor about the layout (format) which is expected by your department.

The following example is taken from a Master’s dissertation on E-Readiness and Uganda’s Development. (Note: ICT = Information Communication Technologies).


1.   Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1   Background
1.2   Aims of the study
1.3   Scope/Focus of the study
1.4   Methodology
1.5   Limitations
1.6   Structure of the research
2.   Chapter 2 Literature Review
2.1   Models and interpretation of E-Readiness
2.2   E-Readiness agenda and why it is being promoted
2.2.1   Connectivity and access
2.2.2   ICTs for business
2.2.3   ICTs in education
2.2.4   ICT policies and regulations
2.2.5   People and organisations on-line
3.   Chapter 3 The Ugandan Perspective
3.1   ICTs and socio-economic development
3.1.1   The ICT revolution in Uganda
3.1.2   ICTs and rural development
3.1.3   Developments in the ICT sector in Uganda
3.1.4   Gender
4.   Chapter 4 etc