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Unit 9: Summarising, paraphrasing and referencing

This unit deals with the structure of an extended piece of academic writing such as a dissertation, a thesis or an academic paper. The tutorial section looks at the typical organisation and content of different sections of writing. The questions provide you with a selection of the typical phrases which are used in these sections. The task is to decide in which section the phrases would be used.

In this unit the word ‘thesis’ will subsume ‘dissertation’ and ‘academic paper’, unless otherwise stated.

Alternatively, log onto the student intranet and look at the section on ‘policies’. You need to view either ‘Guidance for the Presentation of Theses’ or ‘Guidance for the Presentation of Taught Masters Dissertations’.

This unit is divided into the following sections:

This unit is also available in printable format. To access please select one of the links below.