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In this section, it is essential that you are clear and precise. Significant results should be presented, including illustrative items such as tables and figures. However, you do not have to include everything you did if it did not produce significant results. Nevertheless, you should not automatically omit such findings, because they may allow you to discuss why things went wrong and how, in hindsight, you might have done things differently; but this would be included in the Discussion.

You need to decide the order in which you are going to present your findings. Illustrative items such as charts, graphs and tables should have a self-explanatory heading and be clearly numbered. Again, you should check with your supervisor as to how such things are usually presented in your discipline, and what will be contained in the main body of the thesis and what in the appendices. For example, complete tables of data are best included in an appendix.

Hypotheses and research questions are addressed to see whether the findings fit with these or not. However, interpretation of the findings is reserved for the Discussion section.