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Information skills

Completing a doctoral thesis requires sound information skills. Information skills include the ability to search and review information as well as to manage references and data and to structure information appropriately. This section contains resources relevant to acquiring information skills such as seeking information, writing a literature review, speed reading, referencing, note-taking and it also covers intellectual property and research integrity.

Researcher development framework

The RDF focuses on information seeking (Domain A1.4) information literacy and management (Domain A1.5), academic literacy (Domain A5.7), as well as analysing, (Domain A2.1), synthesising (Domain A2.2) and evaluating (Domain A2.4).

Information gathering 

Doctoral candidates are expected to develop tools and techniques to search and discover information as well as identify appropriate sources of information through libraries, archives and web-based source material. Researchers are tasked with designing their own system to collate and manage information as well as to summarise, document and reflect upon their progress.

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