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Book and article review template

SQ3R technique

This is a technique which allows you to identify recall most information you read.

Survey the document

Scan the contents, introduction and chapters or chapter summaries to get a short overview of the text - then decide whether it is helpful to you.


Note down any questions you have about the document / book, particularly those which interest you. These questions will inform your approach to the text and allow you to structure the information in your own mind.


Read through any of the useful sections of the document in greater detail. For some of these (key) texts, reading might take some time, especially if it is dense or complicated.


After reading the appropriate sections then try and recall sections of the document several times in your mind, isolate the core concepts or facts and essential processes behind the argument, then decide how this information fits in with your topic.


After reading and recalling the material, review it by either reading again or expanding your notes or discussing the material with colleagues. 

Mind or concept maps

A useful way of mapping out how material relates to your topic is to use a concept or a mind map. Mind mapping software (MindGenius) is available on every University of Manchester PC and you can download the software to your own computer free of charge.