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Creating a Blog

Blogs are fantastic for research and here's why:

  • Blogs allow reflection
  • Blogs create a record of progress - reflective learning and personal development
  • You can encourage commentary, discussion through blog posting
  • Blogs can help you to raise your online profile
  • Developing research communities online
  • You can blog about the product or the process of research!
  • Blogging for knowledge transfer, public engagement
  • Blogging can help to engage and share ideas
  • Bookmarking and tagging posts - for cataloguing
  • Flagging up resources

Becoming a blogger is tricky and sometimes is not always an easy transition - you can ease yourself into the process by thinking about the scope of your blog before you even create one. What will you/won't you include? Remember that, just as much as a website or a Facebook profile, your blog is a reflection of your professional persona and your research profile - so be careful about what you post!

You can link your blog up with your website, Twitter feed, Facebook profile as well as LinkedIn, etc.