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Project management

Project and research management skills are essential to the timely completion of a doctorate.  This section contains information and resources relevant to managing a doctoral project and managing workflow.  This section is designed to complement the workshops aimed at different stages in the PhD project management cycle and is divided into four sections:

  • Planning your research
  • Keeping your research on track
  • Planning your final year
  • Managing workflow

Researcher Development Framework

The Researcher Development Framework (RDF) emphasises the importance not only of planning and prioritisation (Domain B2.1) but also of project planning and delivery (Domain C2.2), focussing in particular on the setting of research goals, intermediate milestones and applying sound research management principles.  Doctoral candidates are expected to prioritise and plan their research and develop as reflective practitioners (Domain B1.5). 

Understanding and managing risks

Research management is also about understanding the necessary risks involved in the completion of a project, conducting a risk assessment, developing a strategy to manage any risks that may arise over time and dealing with the unexpected.  Project management is also about setting a strategic direction for the PhD, prioritising tasks and having the ability to engage in forward thinking.