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The Manchester Q-Step Centre

How to apply for a Q-Step summer internship

Internships will be advertised Q-Step website from the beginning of March, with a closing date for applications of 6 April 2017.

Shortlisting will take place and then interviews will then be conducted in April and May 2017.

Pre-internship training will take place in Manchester 22-23 June 2017.

Successfully placed students then conduct their internships from the end of June or start of July to late August or early September, by arrangement with the host organisation and for a maximum of 8 weeks. Students are paid at a rate of £7.59 an hour.

Applying for an internship

To check whether you are eligible to apply for a Q-Step summer internship please visit:

Application process

Step 1: Choose a placement that interests you

Please take a look at the list of summer placements. You may apply for up to THREE projects.

Step 2: Submit your application

You will need to send a separate email for each application made. Each application should include the following

  • Your CV
  • A covering letter which must include the following information:
    • the reference number and title of the placement that you are interested in as described in the project outline
    • the name of your degree course and the second year ‘Q-step eligible’ quantitative course unit you are taking (see who can apply)
    • your grade average for Year 1 of your degree, plus your grade average for semester one course units of Year 2
    • Up to 500 words saying why you interested in the placement and why you think you are suited

We may share covering letters with the organisation offering the placement. Documents, such as your CV and covering letter, should be sent as attachments to:, with the subject heading to reflect the project title (eg “Ref: #04 UoMQStep 2017 YouGov Political")

In preparing your application you should consult the Careers Service website which includes guidance on writing CVs and covering letters.

Please note that the Careers Service is happy to give guidance and support to Q-Step applicants. For more information, please visit the following link:

You should also read the information on available bursaries which you may be eligible to apply for:

Step 3: What happens next

  • We will acknowledge your application within one week
  • If shortlisted you will be invited for an interview in mid-April to end of May
  • There may be a two-stage interview depending on which organisation the placement is with
  • Conditional offers will then be made to successful candidates
  • The conditions will include attaining the preferred 60% average across your second year (including 60% in the ‘Q-Step eligible’ quantitative course unit)
  • In addition you will be required to attend a two-day workshop ‘preparing for summer internships which will be held in June after the examination period
  • Placements will run between end-June to early-September (start dates and duration vary between placements and should be discussed with the host organisation)

Note: As a condition of the funding, all students will be expected to provide a report of their experience on the summer placement in the form of a poster, which they will present as part of a Q-Step dissemination event in Manchester in the autumn. A reflective report is also required. Other outputs may be required by the organisation.


Contact details for enquiries are covered in each of the placement outlines.

For general enquiries on the summer internship programme, please send an email to: