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Broadening horizons

PhD research can open the doors to a range of activities which help to develop professional and personal skills. This area of the website introduces some of our PGRs who have taken up opportunities to promote their research further and to engage with new experiences. If you have taken part in any activities which you would like to see reported on this website, please contact us.

Alex HallAlex Hall

Alex Hall, a final year PhD student at the University of Manchester has used the British Library’s newspaper collections to undertake research in the history of science.

Read more about his research and how he has used the collections at the British Library's Social Science blog post 'Made at the British Library'.


Gillian MawsonGillian Mawson

Gillian Mawson, a post-graduate researcher in the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, has been working with Bury Archives to produce a film relating to her research on Guernsey evacuees. As a result of her work Gillian won a Manchester Beacon Award and was nominated for an award at the Guernsey Awards for Achievement evening. Gillian has more information about the project on her blog.


Bob NicholsonBob Nicholson

Bob Nicholson, from the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, was one of the winners in the 2011 University-wide Junk the Jargon competition. The challenge was to deliver a three minute talk presenting his research to a non-specialist audience. Bob, accompanied by a larger-than-life cardboard cut-out of the Victorian gentleman, held everyone’s attention as he talked about the Victorians’ love of American slang.  Bob has also written about his research in the Comment is free section of the Guardian website.


Coprodnet logoCoprodnet

James Duggan and his colleagues Cormac Lawler, Phil Arnold, Luke Yates and Harriet Rowley, together with other postgraduate researchers in the Co-production reading group, gained support from the Faculty of Humanities to run an interdisciplinary conference in November 2010.

The conference was so successful that they have since been asked to host one of NESTA's Co-production regional roadshows. To find out more or to get involved visit the Coprodnet wiki.


Ray NilsonRay Nilson

Ray Nilson, an Archaeology PhD student, helped to organize a session on Flintknapping with John Lord in February 2011. Archaeology researchers had the opportunity to learn at first hand some ancient skills. To see what this entailed have a look at the video Meet the Flintknappers and read Ray’s report on Flintknapping Training for PhD Archaeology students.


Imtiaz Ul Haq Imtiaz Ul Haq

Imtiaz Ul Haq is to be congratulated for reaching the final of the Venture Further 2011 competition. Imtiaz writes: “I am a doctoral researcher in finance from the Manchester Business School. I recently participated in the Venture Further competition, which seeks to encourage entrepreneurship in students of the university, and reached the final round. My idea for the competition is based on the difficulties that budding entrepreneurs face in raising seed capital. I proposed a unique solution to this problem by relying on web technology that can bring various investors all over the world together to collectively participate in ventures. I hope to turn my idea into a reality soon.” Imtiaz would like to encourage more PhD students to enter the Venture Further event so keep an eye open for details of the next competition in autumn.