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Institute for Social Change

The Institute for Social Change (ISC)

Understanding the causes and consequences of social change

Most countries are currently experiencing unprecedented social changes, changes viewed by some as threatening the fabric of society, by others as opportunities for social growth and development. The ISC is dedicated to furthering our understanding of the causes and consequences of social change, and how policy can be used to maximise the benefits of change while reducing the costs.


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The Institute for Social Change (ISC) is an interdisciplinary social-science research institute at the University of Manchester, which examines the causes and consequences of social change

Social Change in Manchester
Manchester has a long history of social change. The industrial revolution saw Manchester become one of the world's first industrial cities. In the beginning this brought the 'satanic mills', rapid population growth and great poverty to many, but ultimately forced innovation in public health, social justice and governance. Manchester is now a modern metropolis and one of the most diverse and rapidly changing cities in the UK, facing the renewed challenge of change in the 21st century.
Events at ISC
ISC/CCSR Seminar Series

The autumn series of the joint ISC/CCSR seminar series has now begun. For more information and a full schedule of speakers please visit the Seminar Series page

ESRC Knowledge Exchange Trials

The Institute for Social Change is leading a series of interactive knowledge exchange workshops to bring together academics, policy and program stakeholders to facilitate the exchange of ideas, expertise and research. For futher information and details of when/where these workshops will take place please visit the Knowledge Exchange Trails page