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Intergrated Healthcare


Interactive Academic Engagement with Policy and Practitioner Stakeholders:

Knowledge Exchange Trials


Intergrated Healthcare

Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham


The Institute for Social Change is leading a series of interactive knowledge exchange workshops to bring together leading academics, policy and program stakeholders to facilitate the exchange of ideas, expertise and research.

The workshops will raise awareness of the policy-making process, how research can influence policies and how academics can engage and collaborate with the ‘user community’ in policy and program development and implementation, for demonstrable impact.

Speakers confirmed for KET 8 Intergrated Healthcare include:


For more information please see the agenda for KET 8 Integrated Healthcare


The slides from the presentations are now available to view online:

Darren Sugg - Policy & Analysis Case Study

Graham Beaumont - The Health Exchange Experience

Zamila Bunglawala - The Policy Process and the Academic-Policy Knowledge Exchange Divide

Key Messages Report

The Key Messages report for KET8 can be found here.


Health Services Management Centre, Park House, 40 Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham, B15 2RT.

Please view the map link for directions to the venue.


The KET 8 workshop on-line registration form is available via the link below:

Bursary SupportESRC logo

Bursary support for standard class travel, maximum of £100 per trip, is available upon request

Preference will be given to early and mid-career researchers that require travel support and who meet the following criteria:

  1. Willingness to attend up to three workshops, where possible;
  2. Completion of the pre-workshop and post-workshop questionnaires; and
  3. Participation in one feedback session.

If you would like more information regarding the workshops, please email sarah.harrison@manchester.ac.uk .