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Best on Blackboard competition 2013-14 results

Highly Commended

Michal Krol (Social Sciences) - ECON20342 Business Economics 1B AND ECON31000 Mag Econ II

Michael's course provides opportunities for students to submit written questions onto a Microsoft OneNote version of each week's lecture slides and receive almost immediate written feedback from Michael himself. Detailed feedback is also provided to students via a series of multiple-choice quizzes, videos of Michael talking through practice questions, and in-depth answers to all assignments.

“Very clear and detailed lecture slides, supported by podcasts which can be used to supplement the slides. Furthermore, the online course notebook allows us to ask questions directly at a point in any of the lecture slides which we find difficult and an answer is given promptly…”

Neil Cobb (Law) - LAWS31091 Law, Gender and Sexuality

Neil engages his students through good use of a variety of tools and activities, including Blogs within the Blackboard site and externally, polls and a Twitter feed. The material is presented in a very clear and consistent way. Feedback is a strong feature of the course, including the provision of audio feedback for summative assignments. The online environment adds real value and enriches the teaching and learning on this course.

“Neil made good use of online polling to allow students to compare their own views with other students and the general public… I've found it much easier to navigate around the LGS blackboard than many other subjects' sites. Neil encouraged us to visit the blackboard site and really got us to engage with the subject and other students via the site.”

Karen Niven (Manchester Business School) - BMAN31550&31600 Leadership & Success at Work

Karen’s course impressed with its clean, simple and consistent design. The aims of each week’s learning and teaching are clearly stated along with good support material from her own notes and from external sites. Karen uses mini-tests, external quizzes and video to reinforce learning. Feedback is given to individual students, with additional overall feedback available. It is an easy to navigate, rich course site.

“Within every lecture section Karen provided plentiful extra resources including mini tests and additional reading. Very simple and easy to use design”

Laurel MacKenzie (Arts, Languages and Cultures) - LELA20071 Language Variation and Change

Laurel’s course is organised so that all the content is easily accessible and clearly sign-posted. Clarity is a feature of all aspects of the course, from guided reading to task descriptions and worked answers (with step-by-step solutions). The discussion board is well used with optional anonymous posting to allow students to ask questions without embarrassment. Laurel provides excellent individual feedback.

“The entire Blackboard page for this module is outstanding..  Everything is easily-accessible and well-organised..  tutorial notes were very good - essential for attempting to carry out statistical tests for ourselves..  catching up when I missed a lecture was really easy..”


Special Award

This year we introduced a Special Award for those staff who continue to be nominated by students, and who were Highly Commended or Commended last year, but whose course has not significantly changed this year. The award recognises their continued excellent practice.

Results from Best on Blackboard competition 2012-13