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Blackboard organisations to support students at programme, discipline and academic community level

Case study: [Discipline level] Archaeology UG Community

School of Arts, Languages and Cultures

Academic lead: Julian Thomas

Key features: Announcements of events, items of interest, regularly posted (discipline/School/cross-School, Careers); programme information, handbook links, dissertation guidance; tech support document for fieldwork; Careers presentation slides.

"We have essentially been using the Blackboard space as a kind of virtual noticeboard.

So the kinds of things that have been going onto it have been announcements of seminars, lots of details of careers service events, encouragement to take part in the NSS, and so on.

The result of this is that it's only announcements that have been used to date. We could put other resources on it, but these mostly reside on the departmental web page.

Archaeology Society logoEqually, we could use it for discussion, but at present the Archaeology Society run a very successful Facebook page, which is working so well that I wouldn't want to compromise it by adding a competitor."