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Blackboard organisations to support students at programme, discipline and academic community level

Guidance Considerations

Once created, a Blackboard Organisation will remain ‘live’ permanently, with students being enrolled for the period of their study, new students coming on after registration and completing students coming off at the end of their study. Files that have been uploaded will remain in the system – even if they are no longer displayed. Over time, announcements, resources or links may become out of date and need reviewing, updating, archiving or removing.

How the Organisation is used may change, so its purpose and effectiveness should be reviewed regularly; as should the time allocated to maintaining it vs time spent vs recognised benefits.

The eLearning team can give advice on these aspects, and the case studies indicate some of the key considerations that academic colleagues have had. Before submitting a request for an Organisation, we recommend that you discuss it with your school eLearning team (email contacts below). They will be able to advise you on whether your needs and requirements are best met with an Organisation, or if another course of action would be best.

Here are some points for consideration:

Roles, expectations, responsibilities

Relationship between course units and Blackboard Organisation

Managing displayed content and content collection

Screenshot showing multiple copies of same file

Inadvertently, multiple versions of files can get uploaded

Using the Blackboard Content Collection to organise, manage and archive files

  • The Content Collection is the underlying store of files that have been uploaded. An Organisation space needs to give particular attention to file management, as otherwise, over the years, multiple versions of the same file can be uploaded without realising [see screenshot example]. This is a particular issue when file sizes are large, e.g. if large graphics or video files are directly uploaded.
  • See Knowledge Base article: How to manage the Content Collection in Bb9

    "Here, you can upload items from your computer. It is a good idea to organise your content collection so that you or others can easily locate content. You can create folders and move files without breaking links in your course. Within a folder, you can also download, copy and delete items..." Read more

Linking to ‘Single Point Of Truth’ (sometimes also known as SPOT)

Communication and collaboration