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Contact Humanities eLearning Team

To get in touch with eLTs in your School, email:

You can also call us on the Service Desk number 65544 or email us on elearning@manchester.ac.uk.

If your query is urgent, for example you are delivering teaching and learning within the next couple of days calls to the Service Desk will be routed to us straight away so you can speak to one of the eLearning team.

We hope that this will provide a more responsive service to academic and administrative staff using eLearning applications e.g. Blackboard.

This service is targeted for:

  1. queries from Academic Staff and Administrative staff only - not for student queries
  2. when teaching and learning is scheduled within the next 48 hours and either cannot take place or will be negatively affected. For example: a key functionality of the system is not working as expected, or student enrolments are not showing in Blackboard etc
  3. when you have set aside time (i.e. within the next 48 hours) to develop eLearning provision which is not able to move forward without further advice or support. For example: you need specific advice on how to copy content from Development to Live sections, use selective release, or set up an online assessment

This service is not meant to replace training or scheduled meetings or consultations with eLearning technologists. It is important that staff utilise the existing training and development options rather than rely solely on this service. Where appropriate the eLearning team may recommend a specific training session rather than give ad hoc advice.

If you have an eLearning query which meets the above criteria, please call the Service Desk on 65544. For non-urgent eLearning queries e.g. something planned for the future please continue to email your School elearning address or elearning@manchester.ac.uk.