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GoToMeeting panel
GoToMeeting panel

GoToMeeting is an extremely simple way to hold unlimited secure online meetings with up to 25 attendees (academics, support staff, students or individuals external to the university).

Meeting participants can interact with each other by sharing their webcam feed, their microphone audio and/or their screen.

GoTo Meeting is available for Humanities Staff, including MBS WorldWide and Executive Education, with support from the Humanities eLearmning team.  Other Faculties should contact their eLearning team to discuss on-line collaboration software.

Advantages of GoToMeeting

Unlike Skype, GoToMeeting only requires the meeting host to have a registered account. All other participants can then join simply by following a pre-circulated URL link without need for any sort of sign-up process.

Secondly, GoToMeeting does not require any sort of software installation. It runs as an extension to your normal browser, for which no new formal software is required.

The first time you run GoToMeeting the browser extension will automatically be installed and configured within a couple of minutes (without requiring any input from the user). After that, you are free to start hosting meetings.

This makes GoToMeeting highly accessible and easy to use.

What can I use GoToMeeting for?

GoToMeeting has many potential applications within the context of your teaching activities, including:

  • Office Hours – Meet students ‘face-to-face’ online via GoToMeeting’s webcam sharing whenever a physical meeting is impractical or inconvenient.
  • Small group teaching – With up to 6 webcam feeds and 25 microphone feeds sharable in a single meeting, it is possible to use GoToMeeting for online small group teaching.
  • Software demonstrations – Using the screen-sharing function GoToMeeting is great when demonstrating software for students. The record capability allows you to record your demos and embed the video recordings in your Blackboard course.
  • Flipped classroom teaching models – GoToMeeting allows lecturers to deliver their lecture content online, thus freeing up seminar and tutorial hours for more activity-based learning and advanced discussion of the material and concepts shared via the GoToMeeting lecture.
  • Share research seminars with a wider audience – Use a webcam and GoToMeeting to broadcast your research seminars online, allowing interested colleagues and students to follow the sessions from anywhere in the world.
  • Interactive learning exercises – GoToMeeting allows participants to participate in the session in a variety of ways, including using a range of ‘drawing’ tools.

Further support:

Humanities Staff:
For Humanities staff, contact the Humanities Faculty e-learning team for a demo. For assistance with use, set-up or technical related problems:

24/7 technical support from the vendor: 

Downloadable guides & resources:

How do I use it?

Three easy steps:

  1. Start a Meeting
    Launch GoToMeeting from your chosen device (mobile, tablet or desktop).
  2. Send out invites
    Invite academic colleagues, support staff or students via phone, email or text.
  3. Work collaboratively
    One click shows your screen, another your webcam.

Advanced features:

  • You can record sessions for playback at another time.
  • Share up to 6 HD video feeds in one session.
  • Create a Personal Meeting Room ideal for online tutorials, 1-to-1s, small classes.
  • Secure 128-bit AES encryption for secure private meetings.
  • Automatically adjusts to the available bandwidth and hardware resources of each participant to provide each user with the best-possible user experience.
  • Options to increase participants to 100 or more (contact Humanities Faculty e-learning team).

Hardware requirements:

As a minimum you will need a microphone and an audio playback device (e.g. speakers or headphones). If you wish to make use of the webcam feed sharing feature you will also need a webcam. 

The optimal set up is to use a webcam with a built-in microphone (which is a standard feature nowadays) and headphones so that you can hear other participants.

Users are expected to obtain their own webcams and headsets.

GoToMeeting user community at UoM:

GoToMeeting panel

There is a mailing list used to disseminate good practice ideas and useful resources within the community of GoToMeeting users at the University of Manchester.

All users can make use of this to ask their colleagues for tips and advice about any aspect of using GoToMeeting.

To send a message to the list, please use this address: