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BUFVC Off-Air Back-Up Recording Service

"I simply could not do my job without the wonderful off-air recording service! Being able to locate, link to and utilise the many resources made available by this service has enriched the classroom experience beyond measure. E-learning have been incredibly supportive; always happy to help and offer invaluable advice. Anyone looking to incorporate the study of film and media into their teaching and research should not be without this service!"

Dr Anastasia Valassopoulos
Senior Lecturer in World Literatures

Have you ever missed recording a television or radio programme you wanted to use in teaching? The BUFVCs Off-Air Back-Up Recording Service can help.

The University is a member of BUFVC and holds an ERA Plus Licence which means you can use UK television and radio broadcasts in your teaching, both face-to-face and online. Many of the programmes you may want to use can be found in the Box of Broadcasts (BoB) service but sometimes a programme will not be available there. In this instance, it is possible to check whether the BUFVC has a back-up recording copy of the programme which can be delivered to you on request.

To first check if your chosen programme is available in BoB, you can search the BoB website directly or use the TRILT database.

TRILT Database

The TRILT (Television and Radio in Learning and Teaching) database is the best source of UK TV and radio broadcast data available on the web and includes listings for more than 475 TV and radio channels with data from 1995 onwards.

By logging in with your University of Manchester credentials, you will have unrestricted access to the full database.

If your programme is available on BoB, you should select that option as a first priority. If, however, it is not available on BoB, you may be able to request an off-air back-up copy of the programme by following the "Request this programme" link and completing a short form.


request this programe link

Your request will be authorised by one of the University's off-air representatives and submitted to BUFVC. The usual turnaround time is 7 days but some archive recordings may take up to 5 weeks. Your programme can be delivered as a DVD/MP4 or MP3 (post) or transferred directly to BoB (online).

For further information and support with off-air recording requests, contact the eLearning team.