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New Faculty Teaching and Learning Discussion Board

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A new Humanities Teaching and Learning Discussion Board has been set up to provide a means to foster peer to peer support for online learning. The Teaching and Learning News bulletins will also be posted here. All you need to login is your University username and password.

Guidance on the practicalities of using the boards will be posted here soon, including a screencast covering:

Guidelines for posting

The purpose of the board is for colleagues to:

Suggested examples of posts:

Routine issues should continue to be referred to the Remedy Helpdesk Service using elearning@manchester.ac.uk. Anything that is posted here which would normally be dealt with via the Remedy service will be moved there by the eLearning team. Eg:

This is because there are a series of diagnostic steps which need to be taken to ascertain the exact nature of the issue, which may require access to a number of different systems, and the solution may need to involve other University teams who will not be accessing the forum. The same symptoms may not have the same cause, so one person’s solution may not be appropriate for an apparently similar scenario.

Someone from the eLearning team will check the board daily to keep up-to-date with what’s being posted and contribute where appropriate.

Promotion and dissemination

The board will be promoted via:


Page last updated 23 September 2013