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Support in developing and integrating formative assessment

Examples of this Service:

Improve students understanding of how they are doing towards achieving intended learning outcomes.

Formative assessment helps students gauge how well they are doing, develops their awareness of their knowledge and engages them in evaluating their own performance. From a lecturer perspective it helps individual and group progress.

Using online tools can

  • saves time for academic staff with automatic marking and feedback
  • provides immediate/timely feedback to students
  • directs students to supporting information to address gaps or enhance current understanding
  • allow students to take formative assessment at their own pace and as many times as they like (where appropriate)

We can support you integrating formative assessment activities into your online course. We can discuss the nature of the formative assessment and feedback you would like to use in your course and the full range of tools and techniques available. We can help with support and training so you can use the full set of question types and appropriate format the questions.

Time commitment of both the eLearning team and the academic colleague will vary enormously but it would take just 1-2 hours for us to meet with you, discuss you course, identify the type of formative assessment you would like, and set up some pre-prepared questions using the Blackboard Assessment tool. To explore what you can do you can also take our eAssessment workshop see our events page.

All you need to do to request some support is to contact the eLearning team by emailing elearning@manchester.ac.uk. Please give us as much information as possible about what you want to do, which courses you are working on and which students you are supporting.