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Advice on setting up a basic online course

Its quick and easy to get started using Blackboard to support and enhance your teaching.

Your students will benefit from easy access to your course materials and links to library reading lists and external websites. You will also have the opportunity to use a variety of enhancements to increase personalisation and feedback e.g. student peers support using online communications, using the quiz tool for quick knowledge checks, using audio and video and formative assessment, etc.

You will benefit from having a single online space where all your teaching and learning resources area available. You will also have a greater understanding of the benefits and possibilities of eLearning.

All courses both undergraduate and postgraduate should have a presence on Blackboard in line with the eLearning Strategy. The eLearning team can support you in meeting this requirement and at the same time help you get the most out of Blackboard as a tool to support teaching and learning. We can also help you start to identify how you would like to use technology to enhance your teaching and learning. There is a variety of support which is available through our ‘Starter Pack’, it includes

The following is a suggested time commitment but this may differ depending on individual requirements, your ideas for developing the course and the size and complexity of your course.

  • 1.5-2 hours ‘Introduction to Blackboard’ training course
  • 3 hours self directed learning and implementing skills covered in the ‘Introduction to Blackboard’.

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