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Blackboard Delivery and Access

Examples of this Service:

Administrative advice on making online materials available to staff, students and external colleagues.

We can provide advice/administrative support for the following,

  • specific advice and guidance and appropriate signposting to Campus Solutions support to ensure
    • a Blackboard space is available for delivering teaching and learning to students
    • student access to Blackboard spaces
    • designers, instructors, and TAs have access to their Blackboard space
    • content is rolled over from one academic year to the next
    • accounts for externals e.g. External Examiners
  • advice and guidance on how Blackboard integrates/links with other University systems to ensure Blackboard access by staff, students and externals
  • ensuring your content is copied from last year to this year’s Blackboard space
  • advice on the best use of Blackboard and other technologies for the delivery of teaching and learning
  • resetting your Blackboard Live or Development sections to enable you to ‘start from scratch’
  • hiding Development sections if your eLearning homepage is getting too busy
  • using the ‘Standard Course Structure’ to help you get going with Blackboard and ensuring your course meetings the minimum requirements
  • general advice on when Blackboard spaces are available to staff and students.

Just give us a call on 65544 or email eLearning@manchester.ac.uk giving as much information as possible about what you would like to do and your course code.