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Digitising Archive Audio and Video Materials

Ensuring older versions of audio and video resources are transferred to an accessible digital format. There are thousands of hours of recorded material on video (VHS, 8mm) and audio cassettes. This material degrades with each successive playing.
  • Ensuring now-outdated versions of valuable teaching & learning resources are preserved for current and future students.
  • Enabling off-campus access where copyright allows.
  • Embedding archive recordings within your Blackboard course.

You would need to supply the Humanities eLearning team with the original recording with, if appropriate, the details of its original broadcast. You would need to check that you have permission to digitise the materials; we can help with this.

Once copyright clearance has been established, we would digitise your content into a suitable format for transfer to the Video Library Service and/or the Humanities media server.

We request a minimum of 4 weeks' notice for digitisation of individual recordings. The Humanities eLearning team is unable to offer support in digitising large collections; this service is for individual ad hoc requests for immediate teaching & learning purposes.

All you need to do to request some support is to contact the eLearning team by emailing elearning@manchester.ac.uk. Please give us as much information as possible about what you want to do, what courses you are working on and how many students you are supporting.