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Using TV and radio clips in your teaching and learning

Using existing video and audio resources to engage your learners and support different learning styles.

TV and radio broadcasts are powerful media tools to stimulate, engage, inform and illustrate. They can:

  • Inspire, engage, enthuse learners
  • Encourage and enable critical reflection on the events in TV and radio broadcasts
  • Support tutors in providing a contextual or topical illustration of concepts or theories
  • Accommodate different learning styles and provides a richer learning experience
  • Encourage independent learning

The University's ERA Plus licence allows you to record television and radio programmes and deliver them online to your students within the UK. BoB (Box of Broadcasts) is a streaming video service which allows staff members to log in and schedule up to 3 future recordings per day. The University also has a licence with the Open University so you can record OU programmes or use their Missed Recording Service to obtain a copy of a broadcast you missed. Other services available enable you to search programme listings, access archived recordings, or make use of freely available video clips. You can find detailed information on what's possible and how to get recordings on the eLearning Essentials self-enrol site in Blackboard, under Using Multimedia &rgt; Recording from TV and Radio.

Your time commitment will vary depending on the size of the project, but you will possibly need to factor in time for searching online listings, requesting a recording, getting it digitised, and embedding it into your course. Once you have your video recording, the eLearning team can digitise it to a suitable format for you to upload it to the University's Video Library Service. Then you can create a link to it or embed the code in an html page in your Blackboard course so that your students can view it. In general we would ask for 4 week's notice for this process. For audio files the process is generally quicker, but we would need some notice in order to support you in uploading audio files to the Humanities media server.

All you need to do to request some support is to contact the eLearning team by emailing elearning@manchester.ac.uk, please give us as much information as possible about what you want to do, what courses you are working on and what students you are supporting.

Find out more about the available services at: