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Video production and delivery

Examples of this Service:

The Humanities eLearning team can create bespoke videos for online delivery. Examples of this type of video production include:

  • Introductions - 'talking heads' videos in which you talk about your research interests can help students get to know you better.
  • Group discussions between lecturers/visiting speakers.
  • Tutors of distance learning courses - briefly introduce yourselves to students and explain your role.
  • 'Virtual Tour' of the discipline / school.
  • Student presentations these can be filmed for future critical reflection and peer commentary.
  • to demonstrate events which cannot be viewed live
  • to provide an opportunity to make difficult ideas, theories or concepts better understood and more easily recalled through using a visual demonstration
  • to encourage and enable critical reflection on the events in video clips
  • to serve as a launch pad and/or as an element of a problem-based learning approach
  • to give students a voice e.g. clips explaining their feedback of experiences of a module
  • to give a video response to students' questions
  • to use as an archive to briefly explain key concepts of module
  • as a stimulus for discussion in the Forum

Discussion between you and a member of the eLearning team to identify how the video will be used, the preferred method of delivery (e.g. streamed or downloadable), the date by which the video must be available online, who will be in the video, where the recording will take place, etc.

Once we have all the information we need, the eLearning team will liaise with you regarding dates for recording the video. We will provide all the necessary equipment for filming.

After the recording, we will prepare a 'rough cut' of your video with titles, credits and any other additional information you would like to include and ask you to view it before we finalise it.

With your approval, the rough cut will be encoded for online delivery.

We can also support you with embedding the video into a webpage within your course.

The following is a suggested time commitment but this may differ depending on individual requirements.

  • 1-2 hours discussion
  • Recording of event this varies according to the topic and type of video.
  • Editing for online delivery again, this will depend on the topic and type of video.

Time commitment varies enormously for this type of work; it depends on what you would like to record and how formal/informal you want the final product to be.

For a 'talking heads' video, you would need to allow at least 2 or 3 times the expected duration of the finished video for recording purposes.

Filming a fixed-date event requires the time of the event itself.

Off-campus filming is possible but requires further discussion regarding time commitment.

We normally request at least 4 weeks notice for this type of work.