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Hire of multimedia equipment

Examples of this Service:

We have a small collection of audio and video equipment for you to borrow free of charge to record your own video and audio content. Our Sony camcorder and Cybershot cameras are easy to use and produce excellent quality still images and video. For audio alone, we recommend our Edirol units.
  • You have control over when and where the video is recorded.
  • You have the option of repeating the recording as many times as necessary until you are happy with the result.
  • Small, portable equipment – can be carried around easily, even taken off-campus.
  • You can capture spontaneous moments you feel would benefit your students' understanding of a topic.

Once you have decided that you would like to produce your own video and/or audio content, you should reserve the equipment with us. When you come to collect the equipment from us, we will give you a brief demonstration on how to achieve the best results for your project.

When you have finished recording, transfer your recorded material to your own computer and return the equipment to us by the agreed date.

It is up to you how long it takes to record your video/audio content. This easy-to-use, point-and-shoot equipment significantly reduces the time it takes to produce. Don't forget to allow for any minor editing you may wish to do. Transferring your recordings to the Video Library Service or the Humanities media server takes just a few minutes and your multimedia content will be available immediately or very soon after.

You can book the equipment as far in advance as you are able.

All you need to do to request some support is to contact the eLearning team by emailing elearning@manchester.ac.uk. Please give us as much information as possible about what you want to do, which courses you are working on and which students you are supporting.