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Support and advice on making video available through the Video Library Service

Examples of this Service:

The Video Library Service [VLS] provides an online library of video content for the University. Staff can upload their own videos and under the ERA Plus licence - recordings of TV programmes. These videos can be viewed within the VLS itself or alternatively can be embedded into Blackboard courses in Real or Flash formats. You also have the option to upload associated files, e.g. a PowerPoint presentation or a Word document.
  • Ease of use, no experience of video editing required
  • Speed of delivery
  • Videos can be viewed by category, e.g. public - as marketing/promotional material; restricted to be viewed by only registered University of Manchester staff and students
  • Accessible on and off campus

Once uploaded, the videos are automatically converted into streaming media formats and an email is sent to you confirming this. The email also contains a link to the video within the VLS where you can copy the embed code to place your video in a web page in your Blackboard course.

The actual process of uploading your video to the VLS is very quick - a matter of minutes. Embedding the video into your Blackboard course takes even less time.

However, you should bear in mind the length of time needed to acquire the video in the first place, i.e. are you recording the video from scratch, do you need to request an off-air recording?