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Using Wimba Collaboration Suite for Interactive Communication and Feedback

Talking to and engaging with your students live in Blackboard and enabling them to collaborate online. Using voice recordings for a richer learning experience.
  • Engages, enthuses learners
  • Supports tutors in enhancing face-to-face contact through live online communication
  • Supports personalised learning, group work and student collaboration
  • Facilitates learning outcomes which cannot be achieved in written format
  • Enables learners to provide verbal responses and feedback
  • Accommodates different learning styles

Set up an office hours function in Pronto, use Voice Board to record a passage of speech for your students to respond to with their own audio recording, create a full multi-functional interactive classroom session - the scope for using Wimba Collaboration Suite is broad and multifarious.

The eLearning team can:

  • help you choose the right tool for the learning outcome you want to achieve
  • support you in making the most out of the tools available
  • assist you with testing and running pilots

Time commitment of both the eLearning team and the academic colleague will vary enormously depending on the scale of the project.

For example:

  • 1 hour to meet with us to discuss your requirements and provide guidance, or
  • 1-2 hours with us to for example introduce you to Wimba Classroom and demonstrate its use, followed by 2-3 days to set up and run a pilot and support you reviewing its effectiveness, or
  • 2-3 days over a semester to work with us to plan and implement a substantial project involving

    • Working with us to review the learning design of your course and develop online activities using Wimba Collaboration Suite
    • To discuss requirements, plan and provide feedback for the development of associated resources

(Please note these are just examples; we will work closely with you to develop a project where you are clear what support the eLearning team will provide and what your time commitment is.)