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BB9 Build Workshop
This course is an introduction to Blackboard 9 (Bb9) and is recommended to all staff creating or supporting courses in Bb9.
Suitable for: Staff and GTAs

Collaborative Tools in Blackboard 9
Introduction to Blackboard’s collaborative tools gives an overview of Email, Wikis, Blogs and Journals. Includes time to consider which tool is appropriate for which learning outcome.
Suitable for: Staff and GTAs

Bb9 Quick Tips for Course Design
This is a next stage course from the Bb9 Build Workshop, which looks at good practice in course design and usability.
Suitable for: Staff and GTAs

Embedding Video into Blackboard 9
How to embed TV and radio programmes, films, Box of Broadcasts, YouTube videos and self-produced media into Blackboard 9 and adding context and meaning to embedded media.
Suitable for: Staff and GTAs

Online Assignment Submission with Turnitin
Introductory session open to all staff in the Faculty. Setting up a Turnitin assignment and getting started with interpreting originality reports. Attendance on this course is required before using Turnitin for assignment submission.
Suitable for: Staff and GTAs 

Online Assignment Marking with Grademark
Introduction to the online marking feature Grademark which is part of the Turnitin suite of online assignment tools. Marking inline, providing general feedback to a student, and working with rubrics/feedback sheets online.
Suitable for: Staff and GTAs

New course 2014: Effective feedback with Grademark
Session which explores Grademark as a tool that facilitates better and more effective feedback. Considers the use of QuickMarks, course rubrics and Grademark analytics.

Getting Started with Classroom Clickers
How to develop interactive presentations and use wireless response systems (clickers) with students. Discover the potential for immediate in-class/in-lecture feedback, increasing participation and generating discussion.
Suitable for: Staff and GTAs

An Introduction to the GLO maker
For those considering developing interactive content, or wanting their students to create online material as part of a project.
Suitable for: Staff and GTAs

We are also able to offer the following on request:

Presentation Skills for Students(Powerpoint Karaoke)
Designed for academic staff to help their students to develop their presentation skills. Presentation and discussion of good practice followed by an opportunity to put the techniques to the test.
Suitable for: Staff and GTAs

Working with Online Groups
Looking at setting up different kinds of groups in Bb9 and how to manage them.
Suitable for: Staff and GTAs

eAssessment Surgeries
Opportunity to try out the Assessment tool through self-study and surgery session.
Suitable for: Staff and GTAs

eCommunications Surgeries
Opportunity to develop skills with Communication tools and put them into practice through self-study and surgery session.
Suitable for: Staff and GTAs 

Interactive Design
A showcase of interactive e-learning resources to inspire and generate teaching ideas. Opportunities to discuss resource ideas with academics, covering interactivities, audio/video and innovative eLearning technologies.
Suitable for: Staff


Last Reviewed: June 2014