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On Request Staff Development

Group sessions

group discussionThe Humanities eLearning Team can offer more specialist staff development sessions for specific groups by arrangement. This can be in various formats, for example:

Please get in touch to discuss what you would like to do. Note that we will need at least 3 weeks notice for such a session. Email elearning@manchester.ac.uk with Group Development Request in the subject line.

1:1 discussion1:1 sessions

We can also offer 1:1 sessions for staff on specific aspects of course development, subject to availability. These sessions are not intended as training sessions, staff are expected to be familiar with Bb9 and the basics of any particular tool or function of Bb9 they wish to use. The kinds of things we might expect to cover in these sessions are:

Email elearning@manchester.ac.uk with 1:1 Development Request in the subject line, and some detail about what you would like to cover in the session.


Here are some examples of subjects which might form the basis of our discussions:

Last Reviewed: April 2017