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School based sessions

The Humanities eLearning team is developing a range of presentations, demonstrations and facilitated sessions for Schools.

Initially we are offering short 15 minute presentations which can be incorporated into your Discipline or School meetings, where appropriate. A member of the eLearning team will come along and give an overview of one of the topics below, with suggestions for further development and guidance. The topic list will be added to regularly. If your School or Discipline has a requirement for a topic which is not on the list, please get in touch with your School eLearning Lead to request a new topic

Schools and disciplines may request one of these presentations by emailing elearning@manchester.ac.uk with details of the meeting, and the selected topic.

We will also be liaising with School eLearning Leads to arrange these presentations.

15 minute presentation 'menu'


Last Reviewed: April 2017