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Faculty of Humanities

Our equality and diversity targets

We have set the following targets and operational priorities to ensure we are advancing the University's equality and diversity aims.

Our staff diversity targets:

  • To monitor equality and diversity in all appointments and promotions to achieve year on-year improvements in the employment of under-represented groups at all levels.

Our gender and BME staff diversity targets for 2020:

  •  To increase / achieve a minimum of 47% (currently 33%) of female staff at senior lecturer / professorial level / PSS leadership and management roles.
  •  To increase / achieve a minimum of 15% (currently 11%) of BME staff at senior lecturer / professorial level / PSS leadership and management roles.

We will do this by:

  • Analysing Faculty staff recruitment data from the University eRecruitment system to check progress of under-represented groups.
  • Regularly reviewing our staff profile to check progress towards toward targets.
  • Continuing to explore the perceptions and experiences of organisational cultural barriers which obstruct progress towards diversity to inform development of additional measures in pursuit of targets.
  • Exploring the issues identified from the staff recruitment and academic promotions data; propose, implement, monitor and report on impact of positive action interventions and other measures to be taken in response.
  • Monitoring, reviewing and evaluating initiatives developed as part of Faculty/School Equality and Diversity Action plans as well as actions developed as part of the Athena SWAN applications submitted by Schools.
  • Implementing the ECU Race Charter Mark action plan as appropriate in the Faculty.