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Faculty of Humanities

Academic enrichment

We are committed to working with gifted and talented young people, and providing academic enrichment opportunities.

We aim to enrich their experience of learning by enabling them to take part in educational activities outside the classroom, and meet lecturers and students from higher education. Our activities don't just give learners more of the same, they enable independent learning and creative thinking in a unique environment.

Every academic year, we offer a specific programme of activities to stretch and challenge learners from all educational backgrounds.

On campus activities

The University offers a range of campus activities for schools and colleges. 

Below is a list of just some of the events we have previously run:

  • Social Science in the news: Why numbers matter
  • Insight into Law
  • WW1 star lecture: Heroism and national identity in the Great War
  • Insight into Politics
  • Insight into Geography
  • Insight into Archaeology and Classics
  • Insight into Languages and Linguistics
  • Interactive Performance With John Hegley 
  • Conflict: Making Sense of War 
  • Greco-Roman Egypt

In-school activities

'Why Study...?' presentations and optional workshops

The University of Manchester wishes to provide up-to-date information, advice and guidance (IAG) to talented young people so that they are able to make information decisions about their future. We have developed a suite of presentations to be delivered in schools, which aim to raise awareness of, and aspiration to, some of the most competitive and demanding subject areas, including: ‘Why study Law?’ and ‘Why study Social Sciences?’

 ‘Why Study…?’ presentations

The presentations are flexible and may last from 30 to 45 minutes. All of the talks will:

  • Provide information on popular disciplines available at university, which are not taught, or are less-widely taught, in the 14-19 curriculum
  • Demonstrate some of the skills developed by studying a degree in this subject area
  • Explore some of the careers that graduates from these subject areas could progress onto
  • Inform learners of any specific progression information if appropriate (eg any preferred or mandatory GCSE or A-level subjects)
  • Raise awareness of additional opportunities available through degree programmes in this subject area (eg study abroad or industry placement opportunities)

Optional workshops

An interactive, subject-specific workshop may be added, as an optional extra, should the school timetable allow. The workshops have been designed by post-doctoral researchers and post-graduate students of the University, who are at the forefront of research in their respective fields. The workshop aims to give learners a hands-on, interactive taster of the subject area. These may last 60-75 minutes, depending on the time available.

For a full menu of the talks available, and to book a  ‘Why Study…?’ presentation, please visit the University's Humanities for schools page:

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