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Faculty of Humanities

Over 16s sat on the grass outside The Christie Building

Post-16 learners

The Faculty of Humanities welcomes applications from all prospective students and offers a variety of events designed to support A-level students, students on Access to HE courses, and adults returning to education.

We aim to provide information, advice and guidance to prospective University students from diverse educational backgrounds and to help and support students in overcoming any personal or institutional barriers that they may face.

The University's Sixth Form and Access initiatives are designed to assist prospective students with the process of applying to University and in making choices that are right for them.

Many of our events are useful to both A-level and Access students.

Key programmes

Sharing words (Languages)

This project uses incoming Erasmus students, who are native speakers, to support conversation classes in Manchester VI Forms. This enhances learners' oral provision, confidence and competence in languages. For more information, please visit the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures website:

Pre-university classes (Social Sciences)

The Pre-University Classes offer a 10-week long pre-university course, which introduces students to the Social Sciences as potential areas of future study through the discipline of economics. Based in-house, the course offers students from local colleges some experience of the University and its facilities whilst at the same time providing them with the quantitative skills necessary to progress to undergraduate level.

For more information, please visit the School of Social Sciences website:

Pathways to Law (Law)

Pathways to Law is an innovative and ambitious programme running at seven universities across the UK, and offers a wealth of opportunities to school/college students wishing to enter the legal profession. The North-West Pathways to Law programme is delivered by the University of Manchester, and provides ongoing support to its students during Years 12 and 13, through a structured series of information, advice and guidance sessions.

The aim is to encourage and support young people in applying to study Law at university and we will be supporting pupils through a variety of activities. These activities will include, UCAS application advice sessions, careers days, parents information sessions, mentoring from current University of Manchester Law students along with local legal professionals and organised Legal work placements, all of which will increase a student’s chances of being successful in their applications to study Law.

Other post-16 initiatives

The University of Manchester offers a large and diverse range of Higher Education and subject-specific initiatives for post-16 learners. Please visit the Post-16 pages of the University's Schools and Colleges website for more information: