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The Manchester Q-Step Centre

School of Arts, Languages and Cultures students

Q-Step paid summer internships are available to second year students at the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures studying one of the following undergraduate courses:

Application criteria

To be eligible to apply and take up an internship you must be enrolled on one of the pre-requisite course units (see below) AND preferably gain 60% or higher across 120 credits in both Years 1 and 2, including on the pre-requisite course unit:

  • SOST20031 Research Design and Statistical Inference
  • SOST20012 The Survey Method in Social Research
  • SOST20022 Essentials of Survey Design and Analysis
  • SOST20042 Market Research
  • LAWS20441 Accessing and Understanding Data for Criminologists
  • POLI20901 How to Conduct Politics Research
  • LAWS20452 Data Analysis for Criminologists
  • LELA20232 Quantitative Methods in Language Sciences
  • LELA20072 Variation and Change in English