Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories

In this seminar, researchers discuss the source and spread of conspiracy theories in Russia and the West, how they’re successful, how they relate to government and what can be done to stem the flow of misinformation.

Find out more about our researchers:

Vera Tolz and Stephen Hutchings

Vera Tolz and Stephen Hutchings are both Professors of Russian and have been working on a research project about Russia in the global mediasphere and the move from a cold war to an information war.

David Schoch

Dr David Schoch is a Presidential Fellow in Sociology and has been working on a project involving disinformation campaigns on social media platforms, and the practice known as political astroturfing.

Michael Prentice

Dr Michael Prentice is a Research Fellow with the Digital Trust and Security Initiative that is part of the Digital Futures programme at the University of Manchester. He’s a linguistic and cultural anthropologist specialising in the role of communication in the workplace, both in the UK and South Korea.

Peter Knight

Peter Knight is a Professor of American Studies and has written numerous papers on conspiracy theories and has contributed to The Conversation website’s recent podcast series on this topic.

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