Science Advice

Government scientific advisers have become household names in recent months, as the Government insists that its COVID-19 measures are ‘led by the science’. Kieron FlanaganElisa Pieri and Andy Westwood discuss how scientific advice is structured in the UK, the particular challenges of responding to a pandemic, and whether the right people are in the room (or Zoom) to best advise on the way forward.

Find out more about our researchers:

Kieron Flanagan

Kieron is Senior Lecturer in Science and Technology Policy at the Alliance Manchester Business School and a member of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (formerly PREST).

Elisa Pieri

Dr Elisa Pieri is a social scientist with a background of interdisciplinary research. Her current research explores pandemic preparedness and its social implications.

Andy Westwood

Andy Westwood is Vice Dean for Social Responsibility in the Faculty of Humanities and Professor of Government Practice. He is a member of HEFCE's Strategic Advisory Board for Quality, Accountability and Regulation, and a Trustee of the National Union of Students.

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