Completing your report

Guidance for the completion of Simon and Hallsworth Visiting Professor reports.

Once the Visiting Professor’s visit to Manchester has concluded, it is the responsibility of the nominating academic (in collaboration with the Visiting Professor) to produce a short report outlining the impact and outputs of the visit. These will be reviewed by the Simon/Hallsworth Committee.

Completed reports should be around one side of A4 and must include:

Background to the visit

  • The name of the Visiting Professor, the school/centre which hosted the visit and the name of the nominating academic;
  • The dates of the visit;
  • The full and final cost, including details of any other sources of funding used in partial support of the visit.

Impact of the visit (short and long-term) – these should be related back to the original aims of the visit as outlined in the application.

  • Activities that took place during the visit (this may include undergraduate teaching, PhD supervision, meetings, workshop delivery, public lectures, etc);
  • Key outputs of the visit (indicate any publications that are planned, are in preparation or have arisen; grant applications; sustained contribution to PGR supervision or examination, etc, from which a tangible outcome can be evidenced or is expected);
  • Evidence of any medium- or long-term strategic relationship between the host School/Centre and the VP or his/her organisation (e.g. the potential for a fixed-term or part-time post for the VP, an honorary research position, etc); what plans are being put in place to further develop this relationship?
  • Any other contribution to the intellectual climate of the host School/Centre;
  • Whether the visit was publicised either within the university or externally, and any media coverage and/or presentation of work to a general audience;
  • Any other dissemination (e.g. conference, other publicity) that has taken place or is planned for the future;
  • Contribution of the visit to the VP’s career development;
  • Any problems that may have been encountered before or during the visit and/or ways in which the scheme can be improved.

Completed reports should be sent in electronic copy to