Our PhD community

Your PhD naturally centres around exploring your chosen research with the support of your supervisors, however, you will also be part of a much wider community of researchers, each with their own individual interests, talents and goals.

Humanities is home to a diverse and passionate group of researchers from nearly 100 different countries working in a range of disciplines. This brings a real sense of community to your peer group, complementing your PhD experience with their support, inspiration and friendship.

We encourage interdisciplinary working and collaboration, and you will be respected and valued for your individual contributions, working in partnerships with our wider academic community.

There are plenty of opportunities to take an active role in developing the community, including organising workshops, seminars and conferences, joining reading groups, or becoming a postgraduate research representative where you act as a voice for your cohort.

You can get involved with the wider teaching community as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, helping to guide our undergraduates’ education by sharing your expertise.

Especially when you compare it with other universities, my PhD cohort are very close, we're very friendly. We know everybody, we know what everybody's researching and we exchange resources if we think that's useful or necessary. And we've also come together to demand certain things, pay increases or information on certain issues. We are a very active community, and the university allows us to do that. They allow us to have a voice. And we very much use that to better our experience. As researchers - but also just as colleagues working in an office for lots of hours every day - it's good to be friendly. And it's good to know that if you're struggling, you can go talk with faculty members, but also with your colleagues who may be struggling the same way as you are.

Jaime Garcia-Iglesias / PhD student