Making an impact

As a research community, we think critically to tackle issues big and small. We’re always looking to make an impact with everything we do, with a shared ambition to always do better.

As a PhD student, you’ll be encouraged to use your skills, expertise and findings to make a difference, whether it be locally – working with communities within Manchester – or globally.

The connections we have with communities, organisations and individuals outside of our campus gives you the chance to form relationships, exchange knowledge and shape your research to have the greatest impact.

When I was working in the government back in India, I realised that there are certain major gaps in the way urban policy is conceived. What I realised was we have all the tools and the will required, but what is lacking is someone to put it all together and bring about impact in a way that can be understood not only by the experts, but also by the people who are going to be at the end of this impact.


I realised that maybe if I could just put all this together and show it to the policymakers and the experts, that it's not that we don't have the data, it's not that we don't have the political will - we have all of that - it's just that we need to realise it.


Here, we have a diverse set of students working on cities from Toronto to Guangzho, so that is where I get a lot of inputs from an internationally diverse set of colleagues.

Amish Sarpotdar / PhD student